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the sun will come out tomorrow.
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Populism makes me nervous. I'm a nervous guy anyway, an ex-risk manager (a psyche one never manages to overcome, at least, not me, not yet), a conservative person with paranoid tendencies. Populism is, on one level, about the masses feeling discord with the system, and with the "elite" that succeed in that system.
In very recent times, there has been ever-increasing dissatisfaction with the system (in the US, at least). As an adjunct, two populist movements have sprung up, the Tea Party and OWS (Occupy Wall Street). Although these two groups come from different parts of the political spectrum, they have considerable similarity. The Tea Party thinks that the DC elite has corrupted the system and too greatly diluted the US Consitution and Bill of Rights. Even non-Republicans know that DC is corrupt, that money runs the system, that there is something wrong. The OWS group thinks that the Financial elite has corrupted the system and, through tricky machinations, has stolen a chunk of their wealth. They don't know HOW exactly, but they know it was done, cause they feel the pain. Even non-Dems feel the economic pain. Right now, the different leaders of these two groups are relatively unsophisticated and naive at using the popular emotion these groups symbolize. So far.
Arab Spring has some similarity with these concepts, and the various leaders of the successful movements, now that they have "won" power, are a little lost. This creates a power vacuum, and who knows exactly what future gets sucked into that void. The same has happened with the Tea Party and with OWS. Their leaders are not strong enough, not clever enough, to coalesce into a civil movement of change. If they can't do it, then the masses can easily transition to what the masses do best/worst, become a group of angry mobs. Perhaps OWS is a little behind the Tea Party in this rut, but they are catching on quickly, I see that Rev. Sharpton (and various labor unions) have been visiting some with the OWS....ugh. If when these movements, here in the US (and/or in the Arab Spring) are "taken over" by more powerful, charismatic leaders, we better hope those leaders are not as nefarious as they could be. If not, we could (in a bad scenario) end up with far less freedom, both political and economic, than we currently delude ourselves into thinking we have.
Populism is majoritarian. I am a very visible individual in an historically persecuted minority. The idea of mobs forming, then showing up outside my door banging loudly, makes me nervous. Do you think I should be anxious about this?

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Well, a senator did get shot, along with several others -- collateral damage -- in Arizona. Ooops, that was a merely a single mentally disturbed person.

Guns were brandished by other members last summer when Dems tried to have Town Halls, and so on and so forth.

Of course violence is used against the Occupiers, as here, and now, with how the mayor went after the ones in Oakland in the middle of the night while they were all sleeping -- with guns, helicopters, beatings, and other forms of violent destruction.

Why yes, HS scares me to death and it has from the moment the bushies bloated/floated it. I've never heard of a state agency named something like Homeland Security that wasn't used against the citizens rather than anything outside.

Love, C.

the foul and evil nature of Homeland Security deserves its own post. suffice to say i think we should eliminate the department immediately. that one department and its potential of pushing us into Fascist structures (and modes of thinking) is more dangerous than what it is purporting to protect by far, in my opinion.

My wife (who used to work in immigration law) and I literally cried the day that INS became part of homeland security.

The symbolism of treating foreigners who have come to our shores to join us as *primarily* a danger, rather than the huge bounty of creativity, labor, culture and strength that immigrants represent 99% of the time, is just crushing. For me, it was the last nail in the coffin of any hope I once had that we would respond in any way constructively to 9/11.

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