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Jonathan Kaplan
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abdul jalib, aclu, aging, anarchy, astronomy, behavioral finance, birding, caribbean, china, civil rights, constitution, constitutional law, cooking, cryobiology, cryogenics, cryonics, currency, darwinism, decision science, derivatives, dining, eleuthera, environment, equity, finance, foresight_exchange, futurism, gambling, golf, haiku, hong kong, ideosphere, innumeracy, iron chef, krishnamurti, libertarianism, logic, magic, magic: the gathering, neal_stephenson, neuroeconomics, numeracy, objectivism, personal finance, philosophy, poker, probability, quantum mechanics, reading, risk assessment, science fiction, scrabble, seasteading, snorkling, software completion bonds, solar system, sovereignty, space, statistics, supreme court, talmud, tanka, technology, trading, travel, truth, virtual reality, writing, yoga
ex-exchange floor options trader.
happily married with grandchildren.
consultant. many consultations
risk analyst/manager.
trading tutor. poker player/coach.
urban planner. designer. systems analyst. architect.
games player since before pong but after monopoly.
researcher. writer. reader

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